Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Bourbon Kings: Book 1 of 60 for 2018

Earlier this morning I finished this book and WOW!!!

First thing I have to say about this book,  The Angel's Share, is already in my Amazon cart waiting for purchase. It was that good.

The Bourbon Kings, is filled with family secrets, manipulative characters, and just when you think you have it figured out, J.R. Ward drops a anther twist into the story. 

There is so much going on in this story; I almost needed a family flow chart to keep up with all the secrets and lies of the characters. Reading The Bourbon Kings, has been like getting to binge watch your weekly TV drama. Just when you start getting sucked into one story line, the script changes and you are introduced to another.

This novel departs from the writing style I am use to from J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, series. Instead of one couple in the center with supporting characters throughout, The Bourbon Kings, introduces you to an ensemble cast of mostly likeable characters who each share center stage with this book's main characters, Lizzie and Lane.

This book will give you many characters to fall in love with and many to despise. And I promise you, like all good nighttime soap operas, there is no shortage of villains at Easterly Estate.

I did find Lizzie to be a rather flat character throughout the story and to have a large chip on her shoulder. She regularly points out the socioeconomic differences between her and Lane, which got tiring for me. She lacked a lot of character growth for me. While the story does only have a three to four day timeline, her character never went deeper than "Can I trust Lane this time around?" Lane however more than makes up for this. You really see the struggle of his character and see beyond the playboy image Lizzie makes him out to be.

One stand out character who stole the show though, is the eldest brother Edward. I for one cannot wait to get more of him in the next book. Bring on The Angel's Share!!!

 One thing to fair warn any of y'all looking into reading this; it is not a romance novel. It is marketed as such and yes, there is romantic love in this story, however that is not what the main draw to this novel is. First and foremost, The Bourbon Kings, is about family dynamics, hanging onto the ways of the past, rebuilding life after tragedy, and secrets that could rip the family apart.

And let me tell ya, it is good to the last drop... Of bourbon that is.


Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday and Rest Days

Happy Friday y'all!!!

I am stoked for the weekend. Even though I have no plans beyond reading - you'll get to see my total book obsession in a minute - and binge watching TV, Friday could not have come quickly enough.

On the first I posted all about my January Goals and the start to my New Years Resolutions. As such I cannot wait for my Saturday and Sunday rest days. 

This was pretty much my week at the gym.

When I wasn't thinking "I can totally pick up where I left off in November," - totally wrong on that by the way - I was trying to be sure I drank all the water I was suppose to have in a day. Sadly no rest days for that. On a positive note though, drinking all that water this week is really helping my dry skin, so thank goodness for that!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen I selected the books I want to read this month, circling back to my January Goals again. If not here ya go because I am so in love with this picture. It accurately depicts my reading tastes. 

And the best part y'all get a little peak at my massive book collection in the back. Total heart eyes every time I look at all my books. 

May or may not be me when I see books...

From my stack, I started with The Bourbon Kings, by the wonderfully talented J.R. War. I'm going to take a minute to sing her praises over Lover Awakened, easily one of my favorite vampire/romance/bad boy/Beauty and the Beast like books. could read this one a thousand times over and never get bored. 

Anyways back to The Bourbon Kings. This book has swept me away from this cold and wet German winter right back into the South; which in case y'all didn't now I am so homesick for. So as I curl up in my chair at night, I get warmed by the Kentucky summers, Derby Days, and of course hooked on that Bradford family drama.

As if the soapy drama in The Bourbon Kings, wasn't enough to keep me satisfied, I have been binge watching an old favorite of mine. 

How did I ever stop watching this show!? All that drama and that amazing music!!! Still in season one right now - I think I last saw season three - but oh my gosh!!! Seriously if someone needs me this weekend I'm either reading in my favorite chair or sitting in front of the TV telling Hulu, "Play the next episode already!!!"

One last thing before I go:

Did anyone watch the season premier of The Bachelor!?

So in love with Arie. I have serious high hopes for this season. He left such an impression on me when he was on Emily's season. I have been counting down the days till Week Two airs. Y'all can get a glimpse at my obsession over here. I was so ready for Arie, I blogged and watched at the same time. 

Well that's it for this Friday. I hope all of y'all have a great day and even better weekend. Looking forward to blog hopping later and seeing what all of you are up to.

Happy first Friday of 2018!!!


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Time for The Bachelor

Finally a Bachelor I can get excited about!

As along time fan of all thing Bachelor/ette, I have to say the show has lost some of it's appeal these past few seasons. Thankfully that is all changing with Arie!!!

We all saw five years ago Arie step onto the scene when Emily became the Bachelorette. I don't know about all of you, but I may or may not have cried when she sent him home. Talk about heartbreaking. 

Now finally after several disappointing seasons and some rather lame Bachelors, we have FINALLY been gifted with Arie, and I for one have to say, it is about damn time.
Pretty much me when they made the announcement.

Now, because of my excitement I will be simultaneously watching and writing. I'm a little behind as it is Wednesday (thank you Germany), but none the less I think it should prove some good entertainment to write as I watch. It's going to be long, so try to stick it out for me. After all, I know there has to be some fans out there reading this.

"The exciting season premier of The Bachelor, starts right now."

Seriously!? Y'all are going to make us relive all this heartbreak!? Arie had better find true love and happiness.

For the love of cheese, someone tell us what his journal said!!! Five years later and they are still taunting us with this.

Um... Yes please!!! Sign me up for vacation at Westlake Village stat!!!

Anyone else thinking she looks like that crazy chick on Ben's season?
See it!? Hope she's not as crazy as Olivia was.

A second realtor... Did the search for eligible women or possible business partners?

Wait did she say FIVE MILLION!!!! Good at your job doesn't even begin to describe it.

So much nope!

I hope she finds the rest of her undergarments.

Stealing from my husband here, "She looks like a Kardashian. He can do better." She does not give a good first impression on camera.

Oh my gosh Krystal! Do people this pure and kind really exist? She can restore faith in humanity alone. She makes me want to be a better person. Arie just send everyone else home she is it. Way to go Bachelor casting department. Y'all picked a winner.
First limo time!!! It's officially starting!!!

Well don't know if she is crazy like Olivia, but Chelsea is an awkward one for sure. Girl it is not boding well for you.

Arie please for your sake send her home ASAP!!! Scary stuffed animal collector is a total no go.

Oh my gosh best gift/gimmick ever. And I am not just saying that as a fellow elephant lover. What a great gift to give someone starting this kind of journey for love. Seinne I like you too.

Girl have some class please.

 Girl we all agree with you. Arie will make some great looking babies. I mean those eyes!!!

Oh my gosh the sports reporter and the race car driver!!! Total heart eyes right now.

I see another that's fallen short of some class...

Oh my gosh she seems really sweet. Hopefully my good vibes from her aren't misleading.

Oh my gosh!!! There she is!!! The sweetest, kindest woman to ever appear on the show. Did anyone else notice how the music changed for her? It's like Cinderella arriving at the ball. Side note, totally in love with that dress!!! I need somewhere to wear that too. 

 A waitress in Nashville. Just putting it out there now, is she really here for Arie or to make her big country music break?

 Looks like we have this season's catty woman who is going to be causing problems. Every time they show her, she's attacking someone.

And so it begins with the flashy, attention seekers. If you can't win him on personality and make a good first impression on your own, just do us a favor and go home. No one wants to watch your boring personality. PS I don;t think she has found her undergarments yet.

Good grief those eyebrows!!!

"Let's do the damn thing"

Pretty much how I feel waiting for the rest of the limos to arrive.

Shout out to a fellow Texas Girl!!!

And the first of FOUR Laurens!!!

 More race car jokes and guess what: Another realtor. Serious ladies this isn't a job interview.

 Please tell me sh is not about to...

 And she did... More surprising he leaned in and smelled. I just can't even right now.

Now that is an entrance!!!

Seriously, four minutes into the second half and Chelsea is already stirring things up. Girl this is not a kitchen get away from the pot!!!

Already I want her to go home, so naturally she will probably be around for a while. Insert a loud groan here.

Oh my gosh Miss Jacqueline has the best questions. She is so articulate and is really making her time count. Don't get me wrong, Krystal seems to be the best in the bunch so far, but Jacqueline is a great second. 

Oh my gosh this is going to be hysterical!!! 

Hello!? Where is that First Impression Rose? Almost an hour in and still nothing. I miss the days when that rose was given out right when they would walk in after meeting everyone. Either way still the kiss of death on this show. I wonder who will be inheriting the curse next.

Here we go with the singers and guitar players. I wonder if Miss Nashville will be doing the same thing. 

Girl reign in the crazy, it is only the first night!!!

 Finally the First Impression Rose appears and of course the girls start to scramble.

Absolutely love seeing them together. Something about Krystal is just calming and puts you at ease. Arie this is a good one. I don't think any other girl there could be a better choice.

And then the moment gets ruined when Chelsea decides she just hasn't had enough and goes in for a second meeting. You stole him right off the bat, you can't take more time when you've already been on night one. I really do not like her and want her to go home.

PLEASE, send her back home!!!

And of course that did not happen...

Hopefully the curse sticks with her too. Chelsea has just left the worst taste in my mouth.

I guess you always need someone to root against and we have ours.

 It's finally time!!! Best part of the first night coming up!!!

 Anyone else see all the women and think, 'Wait a minute, did they introduce us to you? Has Arie met you? I so do not remember half these women."


Krystal for the win!!!

Woot!!! Jacqueline!!! And in the back ground my fellow Texas Girl Lauren!!!

"Ladies, Arie the final rose of the evening..."

Thank you so much for sticking it out with me for this extremely long post. Y'all are the absolute best!!!

This is sure to be a great season and I am counting down the days till next Monday, or rather Tuesday for those of us in Germany.

So long my fellow Bachelor Fans!!!